20:13 GMT07 July 2020
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    Towergate: Deep State Wars

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    President Trump just shockingly accused his predecessor of wiretapping his phone before the election in a fast-developing “deep state” scandal which might easily surpass Watergate.

    When speaking about the “deep state”, what’s being referred to are the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies which remain most intact and in power throughout presidential transitions, and ideological supporters of Obama and Clinton – whether outspoken or discrete – are suspected of still occupying key and influential posts in this shadowy network and being behind the slew of embarrassing and sometimes outright fabricated ‘leaks’ coming out of the Trump Administration.

    Obama and his supporters refute such “deep state” accusations as symptomatic of a paranoid presidency, and they also instantly denounced Trump’s claims that there was any wiretapping ordered against him at all, yet the timely “Vault 7” CIA cyber weapon revelations that were released right afterwards by Wikileaks lend convincing credence to what Trump said by proving that the covert capabilities certainly exist to have done so, whether on Obama’s direct orders or through a ‘rogue’ “deep state” operative. Until the official Congressional investigation that Trump promised gets down to the bottom of this and figures out what really happened, the American people are suspended in a state of shock at these allegations since they powerfully remind them of the infamous Watergate scandal and stand to be much more explosive if confirmed to be even remotely true.

    Never before has an American President accused his predecessor of what essentially amounts to utilizing the “deep state” to carry out political suppression and interfere in the country’s democratic elections, yet the “deep state” war which observers generally agree is being fought to varying extents right now between the Trump Administration and the Obama-Clinton institutional holdouts who still remain in power has already fundamentally transformed how people view the nature of the American government, so nothing appears to be off limits or even that surprising anymore amidst this unprecedented intra-government conflict. But, what Trump just did was raise the stakes to the highest level yet by publicly pushing back against the “deep state” and showing that he won’t go out without a fight in this ultimate game for keeps.

    Gil Matos-Sequi, American political commentator based in Zurich, and John Bosnitch, Belgrade-based Canadian political consultant, commented on the issue.

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