02:46 GMT29 July 2021
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    US Blocks Mideast Axis of Resistance Sites; Former FBI Assistant Chief Admits Election Interference

    The Critical Hour
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    Former FBI assistant director Terry Turchie admitted that part of his official government duty was to block progressives and socialists from getting elected.

    Laith Marouf, broadcaster and journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon, joins us to discuss the Middle East. Supporters of the Palestinians are enraged as a civil leader is arrested and dies in the custody of the Palestinian National Authority. Also, international security analysts are asserting that the Afghan government will likely fall within six months after the US reduces its troop levels. 

    Jack Rasmus, professor in economics and politics at St. Mary's College in California, joins us to discuss economics. Dr. Jack asserts that the illusion of partisan haggling over the details of the infrastructure bill was kabuki theatre, and the final arrangements were worked out weeks ago. Also, he breaks down the plan and explains that it is just another corporate giveaway.

    Linwood Tauheed, associate professor of economics at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, joins us to talk about the Global South. President Biden continues the oppression of Venezuela, as he refuses to relieve the devastating sanctions on the anti-imperialist nation. Also, 184 nations voted to relieve the US blockade on Cuba, with only Israel and the US voting to maintain the brutal sanctions.

    Danny Haiphong, author and contributor to Black Agenda Report, teams up with Margaret Kimberley, editor and senior columnist at Black Agenda Report and author of "Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents," to discuss news stories of the week. Our guests review the US corporate media's reaction to the Biden-Putin meeting. Also, they discuss the outcome of the New York primaries, the US seizure of Iranian websites, and the Global South.

    Ajamu Baraka, former VP candidate for the Green Party, and Ray Baker, political analyst and host of the podcast Public Agenda, join us to discuss this week's important news stories. Our guests discuss the issue of critical race theory and why it is getting hard pushback from certain elements in the media. Also, the Afghan president is set to visit the White House while Julian Assange continues to languish in a London prison.

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