14:49 GMT16 May 2021
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    Ukraine Claims "War in Europe"; Assange Languishes in Prison as World Celebrates Press Freedom Day

    The Critical Hour
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    Whistleblower Edward Snowden argues that President Biden's claim of supporting World Press Freedom Day rings hollow as he pursues Julian Assange.

    Alexander Mercouris, host of "The Alexander Mercouris Show" on YouTube, joins us to discuss the latest news regarding Ukraine. Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky met with notorious anti-Russian leaders of the Baltic states to sign a joint declaration of cooperation. Zelensky went on to refer to the Russian annexation of Crimea as "war in Europe," ignoring the referendum in which the citizens of Crimea chose Russia over the US client state of Ukraine.

    Dr. Jack Rasmus, professor in the economics and politics departments at St. Mary's College of California, joins us to discuss the economy. Dr. Jack looks into the current economic upswing and examines whether the dynamics that created it are enough to support long-term recovery.

    Neil Clark, journalist and broadcaster, joins us to discuss Julian Assange. Whistleblower Edward Snowden argues that President Biden's claim of supporting World Press Freedom Day rings hollow as he pursues Julian Assange. “This would be more persuasive if the White House weren't aggressively seeking a 175-year sentence for the publisher of award-winning journalism of global importance – despite pleas from every significant press freedom and human rights organization,” Snowden tweeted.

    K. J. Noh, peace activist, writer and teacher, joins us to discuss China. The Trump administration removed an Islamist jihadist Uyghur group from the official list of terrorist organizations. The group was involved in high-profile attacks in China. Now, the DC neocons are ignoring the group's history and seem to be enlisting them in the asymmetric war on China.

    Dan Lazare, investigative journalist and author of "America's Undeclared War," joins us to discuss US-Russia relations. An article in The National Interest points out several points that President Biden needs to hit to soothe relations between the two nuclear superpowers. 

    Julie Hurwitz, civil rights attorney and partner at the law firm Goodman, Hurwitz and James, joins us to talk about the Flint, Michigan-water crisis. The prosecution of the Flint crisis is underway, as we discuss the parties involved and the hurdles that will be presented in the effort to prosecute the defendants.  

    Robert Fantina, journalist and Palestine activist, joins us to discuss Israel. Our guest joins us to discuss the Human Rights Watch report that labels the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories as apartheid. Also, we discuss the international definition of apartheid and whether it should apply.

    Laith Marouf, broadcaster and journalist based in Beirut, Lebanon, joins us to discuss Yemen. President Biden claimed that he was going in a different direction on Yemen, but is still supporting the Saudi-led war. Also, the Yemen military has been having success against the Saudi Kingdom using accurate military drones laden with explosives.

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