17:01 GMT12 May 2021
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    Derek Chauvin Trial Closes; What Happened to the Durham Investigation?; Cuba Without Castro

    The Critical Hour
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    As the John Durham investigation pushes on with no end in sight, observers eye clear evidence of wrongdoing and begin to suspect a cover-up.

    John Burris, civil rights attorney, joins us to discuss the Derek Chauvin trial. As the prosecution and defense make their final arguments, the world watches and waits for the outcome of the murder trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. Also, many cities and large population centers are bracing for the possibility of protests and violence if Chauvin is not found guilty. 

    Mark Sleboda, a Moscow-based international relations security analyst joins us to discuss Alexei Navalny and Ukraine. As Alexei Navalny serves a prison sentence for an embezzlement conviction, he is still being used by Western intelligence and media assets to attack Russia.

    James Carey, Editor/Co-Owner at Geopoliticsalert.com, joins us to discuss Afghanistan. President Biden's move to end the occupation of Afghanistan is being more closely scrutinized as the potential continued presence of intelligence assets and contractors raises new questions. Also, the 2.26 trillion dollar price tag of the occupation is drawing criticism as everyday Americans face misery due to the economic fallout from Covid.

    Robert Fantina, Palestinian journalist and activist joins us to discuss Iran. The Biden administration seems tied to the draconian Trump administration Iran sanctions that make it impossible to rejoin the nuclear agreement. This leads many international security experts to question the sincerity of their desire to return the deal. Also, there are reports that the Biden administration views Israel's attacks on Iranian assets as provocations specifically designed to disrupt the JCPOA negotiations and have demanded that they cease and desist such activity.

    Dan Kovalik, writer, author, and lawyer, joins us to discuss the Global South. Columbia is an obedient client state for the US Empire and is currently serving as a platform to attack Venezuela. Also, the mass protests in Haiti continue against the US-supported dictator Jovenel Moise. Haitians argue that their long-term pain and misery are a product of US intervention and oppression.

    Alexander Mercouris,  host of "TheAlexander Mercouris Show" on Youtube, joins us to discuss the John Durham investigation. The investigation into the shady dealings of Western intelligence agencies during the investigation of Donald Trump drags on and many observers fear a cover-up. There are reports that Durhan is looking into the origins of the infamous Steele dossier through an FBI inspector general investigation clearly articulated massive corruption related to that document long ago. 

    George Koo, journalist, social activist, international business consultant and chemical engineer, joins us to discuss China. A US-Japan partnership is quite alarming to China. China has brought up the history of Genocide and torture committed by Japan against its neighbors and the myriad of human rights abuses committed by the US against the world as it argues that neither nation has the moral highground to condemn China. 

    Obi Egbuna, Activist and US representative for the Zimbabwean newspaper The Herald, joins us to discuss Cuba. After sixty years of leadership by the Castro brothers, Cuba is about to face a future without either of them in charge. The United States' crippling sanctions have practically destroyed the economy but Joe Biden's former boss, Barack Obama, relieved some of the sanctions and isolation. Will a heavy right-wing neocon presence in the Biden administration prevent him from moving towards detente with the island nation?

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