16:43 GMT24 January 2021
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    Democrats Verge on Control of Senate With Potential Georgia Sweep

    The Critical Hour
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    GOP hopes to maintain control of the US Senate fade as Raphael Warnock wins and Jon Ossoff clings to a small lead over Sen. David Perdue (R-GA).

    Greg Palast, investigative reporter, joins us to discuss the Georgia Senate runoff races. It will be a major blow to the GOP if Democrats are able to gain control of the Senate by taking both seats in the reliably red state of Georgia. Palast talks about the observations he made as he wandered through rural Georgia attending rallies and visiting polling stations on election day. 

    Gary Flowers, host of “The Gary Flowers Show” on radio station Rejoice WREJ-AM 990, joins us to discuss the final leg in the race for president. US President Donald Trump called on Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election as the latter gets ready to preside over Wednesday’s congressional tally of Electoral College votes. As the vice president, Pence's job is to "open the certificates of the electoral votes from each state and present them to the appointed 'tellers' from the House and Senate," and then announce the winner afterward, according to the Associated Press. At a rally on Tuesday, Trump called Pence a friend but indicated that he might not consider him a friend any longer if the VP does not act on his behalf.

    Neil Clark, journalist and broadcaster, joins us to discuss Julian Assange's bail hearing. On Wednesday, a British judge denied a motion to release the WikiLeaks co-founder from Belmarsh prison pending his appeal hearings. Assange's attorneys argued that his mental health could deteriorate if he continued to be separated from his partner and two young children and cited extremely high levels of coronavirus at Belmarsh as a threat to his physical health.

    Mark Sleboda, a Moscow-based international relations and security analyst, returns to discuss the potential addition of Victoria Nuland to US President-elect Joe Biden's State Department. Nuland is notorious for her leadership role in the 2014 overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. She is married to Brookings Institution senior fellow Robert Kagan and considered to be one of the most virulently anti-Russia neoconservatives in Washington.

    John Burris, a civil rights attorney, joins us to discuss an attempt by the outgoing Trump administration to pare back civil rights protections for minorities. Under the proposed new rule on enforcing Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, the Justice Department would "continue to narrowly enforce the law's protections in cases where it could prove intentional discrimination, but no longer in instances where a policy or practice at issue had a 'disparate impact' on minority or other groups," the New York Times reported Tuesday.

    Caleb Maupin, a journalist and political analyst, joins us to talk about China. Trump is increasing military and economic tensions with China by banning US transactions with a number of Chinese mobile apps and holding a "political-military dialogue" with Taiwan. International political and security experts are calling this flurry of moves a last-minute political grandstand intended to both boost Trump's image of "toughness" toward China and hamstring the incoming Biden administration.

    Ajamu Baraka, former US vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party; and Yves Engler, Montreal-based writer, author and activist, join us to discuss recent developments regarding Haiti and Cuba. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently implied that he wants to once again designate "evil" Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, a baseless claim aimed at preventing the Biden administration from lowering tensions with the island nation. Also, Canada's foreign minister is trying to influence the rewriting of the Haitian constitution. 

    Dr. Clarence Lusane, author, activist and political science professor at Howard University, returns to talk about Trump's recent rally and speech in Washington, DC. Calls for bringing guns to Wednesday's protest were sprinkled in with mentions of war and certainty that the election was stolen from the president on a number of online forums and social media sites. Meanwhile, Trump called for Pence to overturn the election by refusing to certify the votes of the Electoral College during the ceremonial procedure in which Pence will count the votes and officially announce the winner.

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