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    WHO Official Calls COVID-19 Pandemic 'One Big Wave,' With Focus on Northern Hemisphere, US

    The Critical Hour
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    On this edition of The Critical Hour, co-hosts Dr. Wilmer Leon and Garland Nixon talk to Dr. Yolanda Hancock about a World Health Organization (WHO) official describing the COVID-19 pandemic as “one big wave."

    Dr. Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the WHO, said on Tuesday about the COVID-19 pandemic: “We are in the first wave. It’s going to be one big wave. It’s going to go up and down a bit. The best thing is to flatten it and turn it into just something lapping at your feet.” Reuters reported that same day: "Pointing to high case numbers at the height of the US summer, she urged vigilance in applying measures and warned against mass gatherings." What are we to make of this?

    "With joblessness at historic levels, millions of Americans struggling to afford food, states and localities barreling toward fiscal disaster and the US Postal Service on the verge of collapse, Senate Republicans on Monday unveiled a COVID-19 stimulus proposal that would slash unemployment benefits, do nothing to expand federal nutrition aid, provide $0 in new funding for states and leave the USPS without any additional emergency relief," Common Dreams reported Tuesday. Whose interests are being protected? 

    A Monday headline in National Review read: "Sanders Campaign Co-Chair Nina Turner Compares Endorsing Biden to Eating a ‘Bowl of S**t.’" According to the outlet, Turner said in a comment for a Monday article in The Atlantic, “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of s**t in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still s**t.” National Review noted that Turner "is a former Ohio state senator and longtime ally" of US Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). This is interesting to me, because it highlights the ongoing conflict within the Democratic Party. Is this a sign of bigger problems on the horizon?

    US Attorney General William Barr testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday for the first time more than a year, appearing before the House Judiciary Committee. He "forcefully asserted that federal agents were sent to cities to fight violence at protests and elsewhere," the New York Times reported. What does this mean?

    In a Sunday op-ed for the Iranian Mehr News Agency, Ramin Hossein Abadian wrote: "The recent series of developments in Iraq show that US leaders themselves have come to the conclusion that they are no longer as safe and secure in Iraq as they once were. The targeting of US interests in Iraq has increased dramatically in recent months, the root cause of which is Washington's hostile actions." What are we to make of this? 

    "Antagonisms between the United States and China are rattling governments around the world, prompting a German official to warn of 'Cold War 2.0' and Kenya’s president to appeal for unity to fight the coronavirus pandemic," the Associated Press reported Tuesday. What’s really at stake here, and what are the implications going forward? 

    "The Trump administration is sending more federal agents to Portland, OR, already the site of aggressive policing tactics that activists and city officials across the country say are inspiring more-violent clashes and re-energizing protests," the Washington Post reported Monday. While Barr justified this decision during his testimony on Tuesday, a July 24 headline in MintPress News read: "Homeland Security Justifies Invasion of Portland by Claiming Shields and Gas Masks are Weapons." The piece's subheadline said, "DHS' Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli claimed that defensive tools like shields and gas masks were evidence that protesters were making 'preparations for violence.'" Is this straight out of "Alice in Wonderland"?

    A July 24 headline in MintPress News read: "Tech Giants Eye Lucrative Rent Market as End to Eviction Moratorium Could Leave Millions Homeless." The subheadline stated, "A 'tsunami' of evictions is about to sweep across the United States when the 120-day moratorium ends today, threatening millions of Americans with homelessness or worse – a new set of landlords called Facebook, Google and Apple."


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