17:02 GMT18 April 2021
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    Federal Agents Descend on Kansas City: Is This Solving Existing Problem or Preparing for Future?

    The Critical Hour
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    On this edition of The Critical Hour, co-hosts Dr. Wilmer Leon and Garland Nixon talk to journalist Caleb Maupin about federal agents descending on Kansas City, Missouri, as part of an operation that will see them working with local law enforcement.

    US President Donald Trump has threatened to dispatch federal law enforcement officers to other cities as well, and a multi-jurisdictional police force attacked peaceful protestors near the White House in early June so the president could have a photo-op near Lafayette Park. What does all of this mean?

    Why is the US intensifying its attacks on the People's Republic of China? Dr. Richard Wolff, founder of Democracy at Work, lists three reasons for America’s senseless and ridiculous provocations towards China.

    It’s Friday, so that means it’s panel time. We have a great lineup, starting with our first two guests. We welcome back American columnist and syndicated editorial cartoonist Ted Rall, who is the author of "Silk Road to Ruin." We are also joined by the co-founder of the Black Alliance for Peace and former US vice-presidential nominee for the Green Party, Ajamu Baraka. The first discussion is about Trump canceling the Republican National Convention. It looks like science wins.

    For our next panel, we are joined by Daniel Lazare, journalist and author of three books: "The Frozen Republic"; "The Velvet Coup"; and "America’s Undeclared War." We are also joined by Jim Kavanagh, political analyst, commentator and editor of The Polemicist. They will discuss the July 17 story in The Grayzone entitled: "With US support, Taiwan planted deception about warning World Health Org of COVID." They will also talk about Christopher David, the Navy veteran who asked federal officers in Portland, Oregon, to remember their oaths. Then they broke his hand. Other items of discussion include a Tuesday article in Common Dreams entitled "Progressives Demand Democrats Reject 'Outright Shameful' GOP Plan to Raid Social Security and Cut Unemployment Benefits," as well as a Russian tech executive suing the author of the Steele Dossier author in a UK court. Top Democrats are still pushing Russiagate, even as it continues to crumble.

    For our final panel, we are joined by political scientist, author and former chairman of the Political Science Department at Howard University Dr. Clarence Lusane; and  Dr. Emmit Riley, assistant professor and director of Africana Studies at DePauw University. They will tell us what they think about the Wednesday story in Common Dreams entitled "McConnell Laughs When Asked If COVID-19 Bill Will Pass by End of Next Week — When Unemployment Benefits Expire for 30 Million."


    Caleb Maupin - Journalist and Political Analyst

    Richard Wolff - Professor of economics and founder of Democracy at Work

    Ajamu Baraka - Former US vice-presidential candidate for the Green Party

    Ted Rall - Political cartoonist and syndicated columnist 

    Jim Kavanagh - Editor of The Polemicist

    Daniel Lazare - Investigative journalist

    Dr. Clarence Lusane - Author, professor and activist

    Dr. Emmit Riley - Assistant professor and director of Africana Studies at DePauw University

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