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    The Critical Hour

    Trump & Kim Break Bread, Suspense Builds On Eve of Denuclearization Talks

    The Critical Hour
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    Wilmer Leon
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    On this episode of The Critical Hour, Dr. Wilmer Leon kicks off with an interview hosted by Loud & Clear's Brian Becker with producers Walter Smolarek and Nicole Roussell.

    Both President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, are in Hanoi, Vietnam, for their second summit to discuss denuclearization. Trump and Kim officially met today for dinner and will meet for discussions and negotiations regarding denuclearization on Thursday. Brian Becker, co-host of Loud and Clear, is in Hanoi and filed this report with Loud & Clear's Walter Smolarek and Nicole Roussell.

    Is the testimony by former loyalist in chief Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer, rife with legal and political danger for President Trump? Rep. Jim Jordan totally disrespected house Oversight and Reform Committee chair Elijah Cummings by saying, "This is your first hearing, and you will go down in history as having your first witness to be Michael Cohen." Most of the questions involved stalling, with such arguments as: Cohen is a liar; he's not credible; the scope of the investigation is too limited. Mark Green from Tennessee asked, "Who paid your expenses to be here today?" Cohen replied, "I did Congressman; I pay my own expenses." Congressman James Comer tried to get him on fraudulent loan applications. "No bank in 22 years ever lost money on lending me money," Cohen replied. "I don't owe any bank any money." Rep. Mark Meadows called on an African-American woman who previously worked in the Trump Organization, Lynne Patton, to refute Cohen's claim that Trump is a racist. She said her father is from Alabama, and she would never work for a racist. Cohen said, "Neither should I, as the son of a Holocaust survivor." Jordan tried to characterize Cohen as a disgruntled employee who wanted and did not get a job at the White House. Cohen pushed back, saying Trump reamed out Reince Priebus because Priebus could not get Cohen to accept a job with Don McGahn in the White House general counsel's office. Congresswoman Virginia Foxx asked Cohen to commit to not getting a book deal, movie deal, TV commentator position or anything similar, but he would not commit to that. She tried then to spin that into evidence that he's still a liar because he would not make that commitment. There's one person's name that we have not heard much about, and from whom we've heard nothing: Allan Weisselberg the chief financial officer of The Trump Organization.

    In Jim Kavanagh's piece, "The Siege of Venezuela and the Travails of Empire: It's Imperialism," he argues, "The United States government's new offensive against Venezuela is an act of naked imperialism." His bullet points are, "American imperialism is the global management of capitalist class power; it's a binary situation in which one side or the other will win via the use and threat of armed force; it's trouble for Venezuela and for imperialism; and there's no such thing as Progressive Except Imperialism." Is America really employing anti-democratic practices?


    Brian Becker, John Kiriakou — Hosts of Loud & Clear on Sputnik News with producers Walter Smolarek and Nicole Roussell.

    Garland Nixon — Co-Host of Fault Lines on Sputnik News.

    Jim Kavanagh — Political analyst and commentator and editor of The Polemicist.

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