04:05 GMT25 February 2020
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    Is The Western Media Whitewashing Genocide in Yemen?

    The Critical Hour
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    Today on The Critical Hour Dr. Leon discusses the annual feast of Eid al-Fitr, an important Muslim holiday marking the end of Ramadan that kicked off last Friday in Yemen. Many Yemenis were in mourning because there was no Eid, just war and the threat of cholera.

    Dr. Aisha O Jumaan - Yemeni-American and the president and founder of the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation that aims to provide humanitarian support for Yemeni in need.

    They discuss what is the US interest in the war in Yemen? Is this really genocide? And further discuss how bad the situation is there.

    During the Obama administration, it seemed that he wanted the Saudi buy in for the Iran deal. During this administration, it is about money. As long as Saudi as willing to spend a lot of money in US, Trump will support them.
    The Saudi/UAE PR firms have developed a narrative that linked Iran, the Villains, to the Houthis and muddied the facts. It is now considered a regional sectarian proxy war when in fact it is just an aggression on the people of Yemen.
    The other part that is killing more people without getting a lot of attention is the blockade that has resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.

    Tom Porter — Writer, Activist, former Dean of the African American studies dept at Ohio University

    They discuss how North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is back in China for the third time this year meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Chinese President Xi Jinping.
    The first important item of note is that this visit is being publicized in real time. His previous stops in China were not made public until after they were over.

    US media is trying to describe this as bilateral checkers. China and North Korea are playing trilateral, 3-D chess. Also, there's no mention of South Korea and Japan here but best believe, their interests are factoring into the dynamics as well. It is important to understand that there is a growing number of conservative voices in Seoul accusing president Moon of trying to silence those who challenge what they consider to be his liberal agenda.

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