16:39 GMT17 June 2021
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    The Increased Rate of Suicide in America

    The Critical Hour
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    On tonight's episode of The Critical Hour with. Dr. Leon he raises the question, why are American's killing themselves? According to the CDC nearly 45,000 suicides- more than twice the number of homicides occurred in 2016 and the numbers continue to increase, when is it a crisis?

    Weekly Roundtable Wrap Up:

    Earl Ofari Hutchinson — author and commentator

    Dr. Cleo Manago — behavioral health and cultural analyst

    Dr. Shantella Sherman — author and professor

    Trump pardons Jack Johnson and commutes the sentence of Alice Johnson, has asked Congress to move ahead with legislation to help prisoners to prepare for life after release, but stopped short of calling for broader reforms such as changing the sentences for minimum drug crimes. They discuss what, if anything does this tell us about the administrations support for prison reform.

    They also take a deeper look into the primary elections. Does the results in the CA and other primaries tell us anything going forward for the 2018 mid-terms? Is there a progressive vs. established democrat debate, and what will the political climate be in the next two years?

    The panel later discusses the Tanzanian government and the reports of a tribe saying that luxury safari companies are burning down their homes and stealing their land. With the popularity of safari and big game hunting many organizations and governments have capitalized on the demand on the land of the indigenous people. As they are being driven away from their homes, the panel discusses the viscous cycle and what we can do.

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