16:09 GMT13 April 2021
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    'The Single Greatest Witch Hunt of a Politician in American History!'

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    On today's BradCast, we do our best to surf today's news tsunami, with a focus on a few troubling and under-appreciated stories amid the political flood pouring out of Washington and around the world in the wake of the DoJ's appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    Among the huge number of quickly moving and/or under-covered stories pieced together on today's show…

    • CA Assembly bill calls for Donald Trump's impeachment;
    • US launches new airstrike on Syrian forces (despite Congressional failure to authorize attacks on a sovereign nation, which could result in war with Russia);
    • Michael Flynn blocked President Obama's planned offensive against ISIS, which was opposed by Flynn's secret client Turkey;
    • Trump Team was told of FBI investigation of Flynn long before inauguration;
    • VP Mike Pence, head of Trump Transition, still claims he knew nothing about Flynn's ties to foreign nations;
    • Suspicion grows over Team Trump attorney, White House counsel Don McGahn;
    • Senate Intel Chair offers two different stories on Flynn subpoenas;
    • House Oversight Chair announces he's quitting Congress next month;
    • Mueller's appointment receives mostly bipartisan support, as….;
    •    White House turns 'chaotically dark', cancels Kellyanne Conway appearance on Fox 'News', before…
    • Trump turns against appointment of Mueller to describe it as 'unprecedented witch hunt', which 'divides the country', even as he begins to separate himself from 'Russia collusion' and prepares to throw campaign team under the bus;
    • Finally, Desi Doyen joins us for the latest Green News Report with, among other things, a citizen call to action to save National Monuments set for possible repeal by the Trump Administration. I wish our countries had "scandals" like this one instead…

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