12:15 GMT11 April 2021
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    'Going It Alone Means Going It With Lots of Other Nations'

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    On today's BradCast, we discuss US airstrike on Daesh militants in Afghanistan and Donald Trump's decision to wage war against the unstable leader of North Korea, with potentially unspeakable consequences now hanging dangerously in the balance.

    Among the stories on today's program:

    • US drops the largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed, for the first time, in the 15th year of our war in Afghanistan;
    • Coalition forces "misdirected" air strike in Syria, killing 18 allied fighters;
    • Japan's Prime Minister warns that nuclear armed North Korea could deploy chemical weapons in response to US provocation, as Trump sends US Navy battle group to Korean Peninsula in advance of an anticipated NK nuclear test;
    • Russian Asia expert warns a conventional weapons attack by North Korea against South Korea's nuclear power plants could result in "five-six Chernobyl-type disasters";
    • Over the past 48 hours, Trump completely reverses long-held positions on NATO, US military strength, China currency manipulation, and more, and reveals that he learned, after speaking with China's President "for 10 minutes" recently that China's relationship with North Korea is "not so easy" (before threatening to "go it alone" in a strike against North Korea, which, he says, "means going it with lots of other nations");
    • EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt goes on Fox "News" today to blatantly lie about US, China, and India's obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the UN's landmark Paris Climate Agreement;
    • Proposed cuts to specific EPA programs are draconian, dangerous and ridiculous;
    • And, to help us forget about all of the above, Canada's Prime Minister introduces legislation to legalize recreational marijuana across their entire country.

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