05:15 GMT29 July 2021
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    Primary Results, Fallout and Voting Problems

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    On today's very busy, very lively BradCast (and extra, special, surprise, bonus hour of The BradCast!), we cover the results of the latest (and, thankfully, final for this cycle) 'Super Tuesday' primary contests in California, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana yesterday.

    After coverage of responses from all three remaining candidates (Trump, Clinton and Sanders) to last night's reported results, and where they will each go from here, we take a look at some of the reported problems that folks had casting their votes, particularly here in Los Angeles County (the nation's largest voting jurisdiction). Are the problems being reported in California as "just chaos" (LATimes) and "mired in voting problems" (Huffington Post) as bad as some are reporting them to be? The main concerns, at this hour, seem to involve failed electronic ballot readers at L.A. polling places (which don't actually tabulate votes anyway) and voters forced to cast Provisional Ballots (some 240k in LA County alone) for a variety of reasons, some legit, some a bit more troubling. Both voters and poll workers — lots of them! — call in today to report on polling problems from Tuesday, views on the primary in general, on Associated Press reporting the Democratic contest as over on Monday before voters even voted on Tuesday, and much much more on today's show.

    You can find Brad's previous editions here.

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