03:20 GMT27 November 2020
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    Trump, Guns and Hypocrisy; Clinton, Sanders and 2008

    The BradСast
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    We're happy to keep informing the electorate, one important fact, data-point and reality-based story at a time, so that we might all be better prepared to do our job as voters.

    That, even as one young woman heard on today's show charges, correctly, that so much of what is going in our country of late "reflects back on our nation and makes us look ridiculous." With all of that in mind, among the many reality-based stories covered on today's BradCast.

    • Thanks to some excellent reporting by the LA Times, tens of thousands of California voters who might not have been able to cast a ballot in the party primary of their choosing on June 7th, will now be able to do so;
    • Donald Trump is endorsed by the terrorist-supporting NRA, lies about Hillary Clinton, and vows no more "gun-free zones" (even though his own major properties are "gun-free zones");
    • Clinton continues to struggle in still more state and national polls against Trump, even as Sanders continues to outperform her against Trump in the same polls;
    • Revisiting some of Clinton's reasons from 2008 for staying in the race against then-Senator Obama, long after it was clear she was unlikely to win the Presidential nomination;
    • Oklahoma's GOP governor vetoes a bill that would have criminalized abortions, even as her Republican state legislature passes an "emergency" anti-LGBT bathroom bill;
    • A brilliant Connecticut woman smacks down anti-LGBT laws and hate, after she is harassed in a public restroom for being transgender (which she isn't);
    • And, our latest Green News Report with a startling number of victories this week for environmental champions…


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