04:20 GMT02 December 2020
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    Lawyers, Guns, and Voting

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    Today on The BradCast, we catch up on a number of stories - amusing, disturbing and otherwise - from late last week, over the weekend, and today, in advance of tomorrow's big Primary election in Indiana.

    Among the stories covered on today's program…

    • Last week's outbreak of mass shootings around the country surpassed the number killed in similar shootings in all of Europe for the entire year;
    • The GOP promises legal push-back against the VA Democratic Governor's executive order last week allowing some 200,000 former felons the right to register and vote;
    • Dumb Democrats gleeful about a Clinton "landslide" if Trump wins the GOP nomination (Talking to you, Rob Reiner!);
    • Bernie Sanders believes there will be a "contested" Democratic Presidential nominating convention this summer.
    • Senate Democrats call for their Republican counterparts to hold hearings on the Voting Rights Act (before millions of more legal voters are disenfranchised this November), as well as on Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court;
    • And finally, a few words on the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend, which is, on the whole, a dreadful affair, some excerpts from Obama's amusing final speech there, and the fisticuffs that broke out afterward.

    Also, my great thanks to the awesome Danielle and Shane-O from the Thom Hartmann Program for expertly filling in for Desi and me on Friday! Thanks, guys!

    You can find Brad’s previous editions here.

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