09:07 GMT22 October 2020
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    Remaining GOP Candidates Play Nice

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    On today's BradCast, we decode and debunk final GOP debate, which took place last Thursday, before next March 15 crucial primary elections in Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Florida and, maybe, if we're really really lucky, the last GOP Presidential Debate this election cycle! (But, we'll see.)

    While Trump and Cruz and Rubio and Kasich all played nice last night at the 12th(!) Republican Debate of the 2016 primary season, they also got away with some pretty remarkable nonsense on trade, education, Social Security, war, torture and much more.

    Joining me today to rebut not only the candidates, but also some of the CNN moderators passing off inaccurate and disproven bull***t as legitimate Presidential debate questions, are journalist David Dayen of The Fiscal Times and Salon (and more!) and John Amato, creator and publisher of the infamous Crooks and Liars blog (who joined us on his birthday, nonetheless! Thanks, John!)

    If you couldn't stomach watching one more GOP Debate last night, we make it tolerable for you with today's program. And if you were able to stomach it, we'll cover much of what the rest of the corporate media just seemed unable to in their own post-debate analysis. As ever, don't miss today's yooge edition of The BradCast! And, you're welcome!…

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