13:16 GMT22 June 2021
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    Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire and Obama's Hypocritical State of the Union

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    First up: New polling shows Bernie Sanders surging in New Hampshire among Democrats and Gov. John Kasich - yes, John Kasich - surging to second place among Republicans in the state...if you believe those sorts of things.

    At the same time, during the GOP establishment's half-hearted search for an alternative to Cruz/Trump, the Republican Party appears to be plummeting in popularity during the course of the 2016 Primary cycle, even as actual Republican voters seem to be warming up to the idea of Trump as their party's nominee.

    Then, a remarkable new study from Oxfam finds that the world's richest "62 people own the same wealth as half the world" (the planet's 3.5 billion poorest!) And, some of those 62 richest people on the planet — like the Koch Brothers and the Walmart heirs — are amongst the biggest spenders when it comes to attempts to buy our political system.

    So, what can be done about that last part? Jon Schwarz, Senior Editor at The Intercept, joins me to discuss how, despite "eloquent" comments suggesting otherwise during his State of the Union address last week, President Obama could take executive action immediately, on his own, to help radically reduce the "dark money" in our electoral and political system.

    "One thing that Obama absolutely can do, by himself, this afternoon, if he wants to, is sign an executive order placing requirements on federal contractors," Schwarz explains, describing other similar actions that the President has taken in the recent past concerning federal contracting. "He can do it and he's done it in the past. What he could do about money in politics now is issue an executive order saying that federal contractors have to disclose any dark money contributions that they're making."

    "If he did that, that would cover about 70 percent of the biggest corporations," Schwarz tells me. "So, it would not force the disclosure of any and all dark money, but it would force disclosure of a great deal of that. And, as I say, he could do that this afternoon."

    We discuss some of the reasons Obama has failed to do this, to date, despite his calls for campaign finance reform throughout his career and as recently as last week's SOTU — even with so many calls from so many quarters to take this action. "Obama likes to say really great-sounding stuff about money in politics — he's said it his whole Senate career, his whole Presidency — but he's never done anything. It's really extraordinary."

    Finally on today's show, a few words on last night's passing of The Eagle's Glenn Frey and the latest on the outrageous lead poisoning crisis in Flint, Michigan, caused by the tyranny (literally) of Gov. Rick Snyder

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