18:13 GMT07 August 2020
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    Stories Behind the Stories: On Confederate Flag, Trump, Marriage, MORE

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    From the Confederate flag coming down in SC to the fight over the Confederate flag in Congress, to the facts behind Trump's GOP immigration follies, to the continuing (and hysterical) wingnut fallout from the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality.

    As history is made, Brad takes a look at the background, context and FACTS behind a number of stories which haven't been reported as well as they should have been.

    From the Confederate flag coming down in South Carolina (it wasn't raised due to the Civil War, but rather, in response to a remarkable chapter in the fight for civil rights); to the bizarre intra-GOP fight over the Confederate flag in Congress (Hint: It's not really about the flag at all, it's about the EPA); to the facts, not fiction, behind Donald Trump's Republican Party immigration follies (he's just plain wrong); to the continuing (and hysterical) wingnut fallout from the Supreme Court's ruling on marriage equality (no, Glenn Beck, you won't be thrown off the air for opposing Constitutional equality for all, but that County Clerk in Kentucky should be tossed out of his job for failing to follow the law).

    Also: The nation's dumbest Governor invokes the "Pee-Wee Herman" defense; Responding to a complaint from a radio station manager; And much more! 

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