09:48 GMT21 January 2021
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    NSA Spying and 'USA Freedom Act'; Dumb Jeb Still Between Iraq, Hard Place

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    Will the bulk spying provisions in the USA Patriot Act be replaced by the USA Freedom Act? Also: Jeb takes his fifth embarrassing stab at the simple Iraq question; Ohio GOP tries to make voting harder (for certain people) yet again; And Desi Doyen joins us for our 600th episode of the Green News Report!..

    The new USA Freedom Act has just sailed through the U.S. House and now heads to the Senate, as a replacement for the bulk spying provisions of the USA Patriot Act. National security blogger/muckraker Marcy Wheeler of Emptywheel.net joins us on today's BradCast to explain what it all means, whether it will pass, what happens if it doesn't, and whether the new bill will make things better or worse.

    Also, way-too-dumb-to-be-President Jeb Bush takes his fifth embarrassing stab at answering a very simple question about Iraq; We finally find a Republican who isn't running for President in 2016; Great news for progressive Democrats in Wisconsin!; And Desi Doyen joins us for our 600th(!) Green News Report!…

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