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    France: Who is More Right When the President is Wrong?

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    Following the US, France is entering a hot political season of its own as the right-wing conservatives choose their next candidate to face off with far-right leader Marine Le Pen at the next April presidential polls while unpopular President Hollande looks unlikely to run again.

    In an article titled “François Fillon, France’s conservative front-runner, promises the return of the traditional right”, written by James McAuley and carried by The Washington Post, the journalist starts off by analyzing that:

    “When voters defied all poll predictions by picking Fillon over the other six contenders on the ballot, they backed a veteran politician and former prime minister with a strong social ideology that fits well in 2016’s global shift to the right. Like Donald Trump, Fillon has made no secret of his fondness for Vladimir Putin’s Russia, arguing in favor of a Western coalition with Russia to fight the Islamic State.”

    Adding significance to this and prognosticating ahead, he soon thereafter mentions that:

    “Although the former prime minister will face off next week against Alain Juppé, a centrist popular with the left, Fillon is now likely to be the conservative nominee and possibly France’s next president. In the general election next spring, he will go up against Le Pen, who has been steadily rising in the polls and whom many now fear Fillon may not be able to defeat come April.”

    Sergei Utkin, Head of Strategic Assessment Section at the Primakov Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences (studio guest), Anne Nivat, prominent author (Paris), Arnaud de La Grange, international editor-in-chief at Le Figaro, Dr. Roslyn Fuller, Research Associate, Waterford Institute of Technology and author of: Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose, commented on the issue.

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