22:06 GMT12 August 2020
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    Europe: Can They Deter Trump?

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    European leaders and top diplomats held emergency meetings in a flurry of unprecedented activity aimed at working out a collective response to the election of Donald Trump, who is seen as a threat to the Western alliance’s status quo.

    In an article titled “E.U. foreign ministers meet to figure out what to do, now that Trump has won”, carried by The Washington Post and written by Michael Birnbaum, the author relates how:

    “The E.U. is deeply dependent on U.S. cooperation for a host of European priorities, many of which Trump called into question on the campaign trail. Even the most fundamental issue appears to be in flux: American guarantees for Europe’s security that have underpinned Western relations since World War II.”

    Building off of this, Mr. Birnbaum later notes how Europe is especially scared about Trump’s position towards NATO, writing that:

    “Trump has also called into question the need for NATO, the Western military alliance that has recently beefed up its presence in Eastern European member countries that are nervous about Russia.

    European and NATO leaders have pointed out that the single time NATO nations came to the defense of a member nation under attack was on behalf of the United States following Sept. 11, 2001. They say that if the White House goes in a different direction, American interests would also suffer.”

    We are joined by Igor Pellicciari, Professor, Higher School of Economics, Gilbert Mercier, author of "The Orwellian Empire", editor in chief of News Junkie Post and geopolitical analyst and Paolo Salom, political observer, Corriere della Sera (Milan).

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