05:46 GMT13 August 2020
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    President Putin: Plutonium Problems with Washington

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    Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a decree suspending the 2000 accord with the US on the annihilation of weapons-grade plutonium in a move popularly seen as yet another powerful signal of growing disarray in crisis-stricken US-Russian relations.

    In an article titled “Russia suspends plutonium deal with US”, published by The Washington Post, journalist David Filipov reports that:

    “Citing 'unfriendly actions' by the United States, the Kremlin announced Monday that Russia would suspend a landmark agreement to dispose of surplus weapons-grade plutonium, yet another sign of deteriorating relations between the two countries.”

    “The largely symbolic move reversed an agreement once hailed as an example of successful U.S.-Russian cooperation, and comes at a low point in post-Cold War relations between Moscow and Washington,” he adds.

    Furthermore, Filipov expands on the Russian position by writing that:

    “Putin’s statement said Moscow took the action because of 'the emergence of a threat to strategic stability and as a result of unfriendly actions by the United States of America towards the Russian Federation.' It also cited an 'inability of the United States to ensure the implementation of its obligations to utilize surplus weapons-grade plutonium.'”

    Hosts Sergey Strokan and Andrew Korybko are joined by Fedor Voitolovsky, Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Science(studio guest); Anton Khlopkov, Director, Center for Energy and Security Studies and Editor-in-Chief, Nuclear Club journal; and Sergey Batsanov, Director, Geneva Office Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affaires Member, Pugwash Council.

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