14:55 GMT16 July 2020
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    Hillary Clinton: Is the Game Over?

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    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign suffered a major blow after the ‘conspiracy theory’ about her health was proven to be a medical fact and a new scandal erupted over Google’s search manipulations in her favor.

    In the infamous video that’s long since gone viral all over the world, Hillary is seen suffering from a ‘medical episode’ and almost fainting – or as some commentators say, having a mild seizure – before being thrown into a Secret Service van by her security detail. It was then disclosed that she was allegedly diagnosed with pneumonia a few days prior, despite keeping this hidden from the public, staying on the campaign trail, and even hugging a child while having this infectious condition.

    Moreover, an exclusive Sputnik investigation has proven that Google is doctoring its search results in order to suppress negative information about Hillary and promote official narratives from her campaign.

    For her the so-called ‘conspiracy’ about her health being confirmed as a legitimate election issue and the evidence emerging that the world’s largest information-technology company is conspiring with her campaign, Hillary Clinton is our PERSON IN THE NEWS this week.

    And we are glad to be joined by our in-studio guest Kirill Koktysh, an associate professor of Political Science at Moscow State University of International Relations (MGIMO). Also, on the line with us is Patrick Henningsen, political analyst, founder of 21st Century Wire and host of the SUNDAY WIRE radio show on Alternate Current Radio; and Alex Bratersky, political commentator, Gazeta.ru.

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