15:43 GMT26 February 2021
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    Donald Trump: From Down and Out to Up on Top

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    Firebrand presidential candidate Donald Trump has seemingly done the impossible by coming out on top in the latest polls after suffering a devastating double-digit deficit just a few weeks ago, with mainstream pundits now seriously wondering whether he might really have what it takes to beat Hillary Clinton.

    Experts have attributed Trumps’ surprising surge to the public leadership that he demonstrated in Louisiana and Mexico, which drew sharp contrasts with Hillary’s suspicious avoidance of the spotlight and her ever-expanding email scandal. Trump also transitioned into being a more so-called ‘serious candidate’ by laying out concrete policy proposals and moving away from his standard attacks against his rival, while Hillary did the reverse and stopped talking about her platform in order to promote conspiracy theories such as alleging that Russian President Putin is in cahoots with Trump and all of his supporters.

    Chris Shipler, American political commentator and Alexander Azadgan, professor of Strategic Global Management & International Political Economy from California commented on the issue.

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