19:05 GMT06 August 2020
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    Baku Summit: New Troika for Eurasia

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    Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliev hosted the first-ever trilateral summit with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and their Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in an effort to boost regional integration by launching the North-South transport corridor and other ambitious projects to link Europe with Asia.

    The three sides have had historical disputes with one another in the past, but in recent years, it looks like their shared interest in mutually beneficial economic partnership have brought them together in time for this summit.

    If their connective infrastructure projects are completed, then their success would represent a milestone for Eurasian integration and could open up totally new and previously unforeseen trade routes that work out to Russia, Azerbaijan, and Iran’s collective benefit and might even set the state for the latter two’s inclusion in the Eurasian Union and Shanghai Cooperation Organization  with time.

    Vladimir Sotnikov, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies and analysis “Russia-East-West” (studio guest) and Navid Nasr, independent geopolitical analyst (based out of Zagreb) joined us to discuss the topic.

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