19:57 GMT +318 October 2019
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    Aleppo: Salvation and Terror

    Red Line
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    Russia’s humanitarian operation in the war-ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo is undermined by fresh attacks from terrorist groups, while the West is in no hurry to denounce “rebel” atrocities against civilians.

    Around 200,000 civilians are thought to be trapped in the occupied remainder of the city, but the Syrian Arab Army have opened up several humanitarian corridors for their safe retreat.

    Instead of ensuring their safe exit, the so-called “rebels” have attacked the fleeing civilians in a last-ditch act of desperate retribution against them. Nearby, terrorists used a surface-to-air missile to down a Russian helicopter and kill all of the soldiers on board, while elsewhere in the northwestern town of Idlib, they launched a series of chlorine chemical weapons attacks that they tried to blame on Moscow and Damascus.

    Andrei Fedorov, Russia’s former Deputy Foreign Minister and Director of the Centre for Political Studies (studio guest); Elias Farhat, retired general, the former head of Lebanon’s army’s Staff and Command College; and Afraa Dahger, Syrian political activist joined us to discuss the issue.

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