16:26 GMT26 February 2021
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    Hillary Clinton: It’s All About Cracks

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    Hillary Clinton was officially nominated for president at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, which she herself described as “putting the biggest crack in that glass ceiling” while her critics assailed the growing cracks in her reputation.

    Clinton’s ‘coronation’ was marred by tens of thousands of angry Bernie supporters protesting outside of the convention and his own delegates attempting in vain to upstage Hillary’s VP pick and nominate their own. The Democrats, far from being the inclusive party that they claim to be, have been revealed by Wikileaks to have spoken disrespectfully about Jews, African-Americans, and Hispanics, some of their most loyal constituents.

    To add to the embarrassing ridiculousness, the Clinton campaign even accused President Putin of orchestrating the leak.

    To discuss the DNC in more detail we were joined by Natalia Bubnova, Director of the Center for Cross-Cultural Communications, Institute of Strategic Assessments (studio guest) and Eric Shiraev, professor at the George Mason University and prominent author.

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