16:35 GMT27 July 2021
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    Donald the Destroyer: Vanquishing the Republican Gods

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    After extinguishing 16 Republican competitors Donald Trump won his hard-earned presidential ticket during the Cleveland convention, though his nomination was boycotted by the Bush clan and other party heavyweights.

    The absence of big-name legacy politicians didn’t put a dent in Trump’s popularity, as the crowds cheered with excitement the entire time and seemed to even enjoy the fact that so many political outsiders were present. In spite of the early challenge that some delegates tried to pose in changing the convention’s rules and the scandal surrounding Melania’s speech, the whole event proceeded quite smoothly, and Trump made sure to hammer home his point that he’s the best candidate to “Make America Great Again”.

    Ernest Sultanov, coordinator at MIR-Initiative think-tank (studio guest), and Brian Yeung, independent geopolitical analyst from Hong Kong (studio guest) commented on the issue.

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