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    Macedonia: New Color Revolution in the Balkans

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    The Republic of Macedonia is rocked by massive antigovernment protests that are supported by the US and EU but opposed by Russia which described it as coup attempt.

    In an article titled “CIA Operation "Wizard of Oz": Terminate VMRO Leadership”, written by Mirka Velinovska and carried by one of the country’s leading daily outlets "Dnevnik" the author writes that:

    “Things began to unravel when Macedonian president Gjorge Ivanov, the only functional official with Constitutional prerogatives gathered the courage to cut the Gordian knot by dealing a major blow to the coup planners. Ivanov's pardoning of all politicians materialized into snow which unveiled to everyone the tracks of the monsters that are waging a hybrid war in Macedonia.”

    Mirka Velinovska then goes on to reveal that:

    “In Macedonia, Soros and USAID finance the "fighters" from Canvas and the Sorosites from "Open Society", in addition to Zaev and Kosovo based criminals and terrorists.”

    As for the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Holland, the EU, and the OSCE, she explains that:

    “They are tasked with logistics, in particularly media propaganda and decor so the protests can gain international weight. How these countries work in unison and under command is perfectly illustrated with their identical orchestrated media statements in Skopje.”

    Sergei Utkin, head of Department of Strategic Assessment, Centre for Situation Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences (studio guest); Milenko Nedelkovski, prominent Macedonian TV Host; and Marija Kotovska, Macedonian journalist based in Athens commented on the issue.

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