07:13 GMT14 June 2021
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    Brussels Attacks: Blowing Up the Pan-European Home

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    A string of deadly attacks in Brussels – the biggest in the history of the Belgian capital – unveiled major loopholes in the security system and spread panic throughout the European continent by putting the rest of it on high alert.

    Daesh claimed responsibility for the attack, and it comes just days after one of the Paris masterminds was apprehended in the city. The terrorist bombings were spread all throughout the city, targeting the airport and a handful of metro stations, ultimately claiming the lives of over 30 victims and leading to at least 250 casualties.

    French and German leaders have spoken loudly about how the continent is now at war and how the attack was also against the EU’s freedoms. With Europe on edge and Brussels in a sea of blood, it’s anyone’s guess what will come next.

    Fedor Voitolovsky, Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Science(studio guest); James Drew, Production Editor at the EU Reporter; and Gilbert Mercier, author of "The Orwellian Empire" and editor in chief of News Junkie Post joined us to discuss the issue.

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