07:26 GMT +323 February 2019
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    EU-Turkey Migrant Deal: Will 'Human Barter' Really Work?

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    Andrew Korybko, Sergey Strokan
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    The leaders of the EU member-states agreed on the principles of a landmark immigrant deal with Turkey, whereby Turkey will take back “irregular migrants” while Europe agreed to take Syrian refugees from Turkey.

    As part of the proposed arrangement, Ankara might also receive another 3 billion euros, and the dispersal of the earlier agreed sum of the same amount will be sped up. Also, Turkey has demanded that its citizens receive visa-free travel to the EU by June and that talks on its membership into the bloc be formally reopened.

    Meantime, the deal of “one in, one out” prompted the UN refugee agency and human rights activists to warn that the collective expulsion of foreigners contradicts international law.

    Alexei Voskresenky, Dean of the School of Political Affairs at the MGIMO University and editor-in chief of Comparative Politics magazine (studio guest) and Jan Van Benthem, foreign affairs commentator at the Nederlands Dagblad(The Netherlands Daily) commented on the issue.

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