14:16 GMT06 May 2021
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    Obama’s Guantanamo Plan: President VS Prison

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    Eight years after proclaiming the closure of Guantanamo prison one of his top priorities, President Obama is making a last-ditch effort to fulfill his election promise while the Republican-led Congress is still hostile to the idea of moving the notorious prison from Cuba to the US.

    While some see it as a long overdue commitment to justice and others regard it as a horrible security decision, it’s undeniable that Obama’s recent announcement has led to a very polarized reaction from many Americans. The President made his announcement just a few weeks before setting off for an historic visit to Cuba, but it shouldn’t be forgotten that even if Guantanamo prison is ever closed, it doesn’t mean that the US will be ceding the territory back to Havana.

    Nonetheless, the two events are linked – Obama’s announcement and his upcoming trip to Cuba – and this has led to a lot of politicized chatter among the US elite.

    Alexander Domrin, professor at the Higher School of Economics (studio guest); Dr. Roslyn Fuller, Research Associate at the Waterford Institute of Technology and author of "Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose"; and Anton Fedyashin, Director of the Carmel Institute of Russian Culture and associate professor of history at American University(from Washington) shared their thoughts about President Obama's initiative.

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