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    Kurds of Discord: Turkey’s New War on Syria

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    The conflict in Syria is escalating after Turkey launched an assault on Kurdish fighters there, which the Syrian authorities called an "outrageous violation of international law" and the UN Security Council was surprisingly in unison in condemning.

    Ankara claims that the YPG is a terrorist group, although they’re one of the most effective anti-Daesh fighting forces and have the support of both the US and Russia – an extraordinarily rare commonality in today’s New Cold War. It’s perhaps for these reasons that the two rivals put aside their larger differences and pushed forward a statement to “ask Turkey to comply with international law”.

    President Erdogan had earlier put the US on the spot by asking it to choose between his government and the Kurds, but it looks like Washington’s not making the sort of choice that Ankara had expected.

    Kyrill Koktysh, associate professor at the Moscow State Institute for International Relations(studio guest); Max Suchkov, Columnist for Al-Monitor, member of the Russian Council for International Relations; and Alan Bailey, political actvist from the UK, joined us to discuss the issue.

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