17:23 GMT12 July 2020
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    Redrawing the Middle East: Fallout for Europe and the World

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    The ongoing wars in Syria and Iraq have changed the face of the vast Middle East region and led to the worst migrant crisis in Europe since the end of World War II.

    Close to one million people have already entered the EU, overwhelming the Balkan transit states through which they pass and creating tension in the host countries of Central, Western, and Northern Europe. 2015 was also especially notable because of Russia’s dramatic return to the Mideast during its anti-terrorist intervention in Syria.

    The whole world has been struggling to united, at least formally,  in fighting back against Islamic State terrorist group, which is known in the Arab world as Daesh, the terrorist beast that threatened to rearrange the region’s borders.

    But, a different type of border change might be in the works and it has nothing at all to do with Wahhabist terrorism. The past year has seen the Kurds take on a heightened global profile and raised talk of what their transnational status will be when the war finally ends.

    Vladimir Sotnikov, International affairs expert at the Institute of the World Economy and Foreign Relations and the Institute of Oriental Studies at the Russian Academy of Sciences (studio guest); Dr. Roslyn Fuller, Research Associate at the Waterford Institute of Technology and author of: Beasts and Gods: How Democracy Changed Its Meaning and Lost Its Purpose; and Navid Nasr, Independent geopolitical analyst and radio host with Voices of the 99 Percent joined us for our Year Round Up.

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