20:24 GMT18 January 2021
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    Joe Biden: From VP to President?

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    Vice-President Joe Biden broke ranks with Obama recently by saying that the Chattanooga shooting was carried out by a – quote – “perverted jihadist”, making many wonder whether he’s trying to distance himself from the unpopular President before announcing his own bid for the country’s top leadership position next month.

    Such talk isn’t speculation, however, since so-called “Draft Biden” grassroots organizers have been urging him to run for the past couple of months. Media reports also said that before his eldest son Beau passed away in May, he urged his father to give the presidency a shot one last time. Adding to the flurry of rumors has been journalist Carl Bernstein’s claims that Biden might consider announcing a one-term presidency to unite Washington and soothe over naysayers’ concerns about his age.

    Dmitry Babich, political analyst and journalist and Gilbert Mercier, Editor-In-Chief of News Junkie Post shared their perspectives.

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