02:42 GMT29 November 2020
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    Iraq War: Round Three?

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    As Republican presidential contenders ratchet up their rhetoric about deploying ground troops in Iraq, outgoing Army chief of staff Raymond Odierno says that this is precisely the step that the US needs to take.

    Many Americans don’t think that their country is winning the so-called War against ISIL, and some of them are clamoring for the type of response that Odierno and the Republican candidates are advocating. Iraq is domestically a mess, and with daily protests against the government nowadays, it looks like it’s more divided than when ISIL first launched its offensive last year. Furthermore, the Iraqi military has barely liberated any captured territory from the terrorists, and the group has now issued a threat against the leader of fellow NATO-member Turkey, President Erdogan.

    Dmitry Babich, political analyst and journalist, Kevork Elmassian, Research in International Affairs, Nikolai Surkov, Expert on Middle Eastern Affairs who is currently writing for Russia Beyond The Headlines and Dr. Seyed Mohammed Marandi, professor of North American Studies and dean of the Faculty of World Studies at the University of Tehran joined us to discuss the issue.

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