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    The Gospel of the Russian Threat: Does the EU Need an Army?

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    Not everybody was thrilled with Jean-Claude Juncker’s idea, and dissention almost immediately emerged after the statement was made. The UK said that defense was a national, not an EU responsibility, and even NATO voiced its criticisms.

    The Atlantic Alliance expressed concerns that an EU Army would lead to overlap and redundancy with the responsibilities already carried out by the group.

    In an article entitled “The EU and Whose Army?” carried by Bloomberg View, the publication write that: “Europe has been talking about creating a common military since 1950 (France killed the idea back then), and for a decade, the European Defense Agency has been tasked with pooling capabilities and coordinating production among Europe's defense industries. It hasn't achieved much. That doesn't bode well for any attempt to form a pan-European force, which would require sacrificing national sovereignty over the decision to put soldiers in harm's way.”

    Ernest Sultanov, expert and coordinator, MIR-initiative independent think-tank (Moscow), studio guest:

    “All the major players are arming themselves, with the exception until recently being the EU.”

    Jeff Steinberg, Counterintelligence Editor for Executive Intelligence Review:

    “The proposal isn’t feasible”

    “I’d rather see a revival of the NATO-Russia Council”

    Jan van Benthem, the foreign commentator of the Netherlands Daily:

    “The EU is in an existential crisis, and the idea of a European Army cannot be a reality”

    “The EU Army is propagated by Jean-Claude Juncker”

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