11:55 GMT21 January 2021
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    How Cuba Penetrated the CIA Ring in Cuba: Spy VS Spy-Hunter

    Loud & Clear
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    Loud & Clear presents a special one-hour show from Havana with Dr. Eduardo Sagaro a Cuban pediatrician who was recruited by the CIA to report on the health of Fidel Castro, other Cuban leaders, Cuban troops in Angola and health related issues inside of Cuba including the impact of infectious diseases.

    But during his entire stint as a CIA agent Dr. Sagaro was in fact working as a Cuban double agent working for Cuban intelligence. He was not alone. Many perhaps most of the CIA agents in Cuba at that time were in fact Cuban double agents. Sagaro risked everything to defend the Cuban revolution. When Brian Becker of Loud & Clear asked him: “How did it feel to live as a spy,” Dr. Sagaro responded, “I was not a spy, I was a spy-hunter.” An amazing episode!

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