12:36 GMT01 April 2020
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    War With Iran? Seriously, Mr. Trump?

    Hard Facts
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    With the war drums beating ever louder in Washington when it comes to Iran, Iranian academic and political analyst, Mohammad Marandi, joins John Wight to offer his expert analysis on Trump's latest volley of incendiary rhetoric, levelled this time against the Islamic Republic and delivered, as is the President's wont, via Twitter

    'Donald J Trump, everyone knows by now, is a US president who can't make up his mind whether he wants his legacy to be one of peacemaking or warmaking. Reading his tweets, listening to his speeches and statements, his attitude to the gargantuan military he has at his disposal is extraordinary similar to that of a child with a large box of toys, determined to ensure he derives maximum enjoyment from playing with them.

    War is not a game and even the most dyed-in-the-wool neocon and liberal hawk surely appreciates that if the 2003 war with Iraq ended in disaster — primarily for the Iraqi people but also, ultimately, for the US — then war with Iran, a country of four times the population of Iraq and a military capability that is far superior and more advanced, will inevitably lead to catastrophic consequences, both for the region and the world at large; its ramifications well night immeasurable.

    In embarking on this path, it is clear that Trump has allowed his presidency to become hostage to the regional agendas of Israel and Saudi Arabia, each of which is currently led by arguably the most hawkish leaders in either country's history.

    All in all we are dealing with that most toxic of brews otherwise known as 'war fever,' in process of which diplomacy, when it comes to Iran, is well and truly off the table. However, before taking that jump, Trump and his advisors would do well to consider the sage words of ancient Chinese philosopher and military strategist, Sun Tzu: "The wise leader, in his deliberations, always blends consideration of gain and harm.'

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