18:01 GMT03 August 2021
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    After Helsinki: Russia Must Be Destroyed

    Hard Facts
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    The Helsinki Summit meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin should have been hailed as a momentous event, considering the catastrophic state of US-Russia relations. But instead the US President Trump has been branded a traitor by the western media and political class, as John Wight and George Szamuely discuss.

    "The enemy of the moment always represented absolute evil, and it followed that any past of future agreement with him was impossible."

    The aforementioned words, lifted from George Orwell's classic novel, 1984, describe to a tee the reaction to the Helsinki Summit by a Western liberal and political class for whom Russia can only ever be a vanquished enemy or an enemy which needs to be vanquished.

    It leaves no doubt that for such people, a US president exchanging missiles with Russia's is preferred, to one exchanging a handshake with the Russian president.

    While the egregious character of Donald Trump is not in doubt, the egregious character of his political and ideological adversaries in Washington is even worse. For them it is a case of hegemony or bust, of unipolarity come what may, with any president who dares evince even the slightest inclination to step back from this paradigm and revisit America's role in the world, guaranteed to be condemned as the enemy within; an enemy of the people no less.

    Reaction to the Helsinki Summit has been frightening to behold, confirming that what we are dealing is beast whose appetite for full spectrum dominance is insatiable.

    Joining us to wade through this swamp, Hard Facts is delighted to welcome journalist and author George Szamuely, whose most recent book, Bombs for Peace: Nato's Humanitarian War on Yugoslavia, is a must read for anyone looking to be educated as to the imperial realities of Western foreign policy in our time.

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