06:20 GMT05 December 2020
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    Imperialism on Trial

    Hard Facts
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    This week former UK Ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, joins us to discuss Imperialism in our time, just as the Imperialism on Trial tour kicks off in the UK.

    For anyone serious about getting to grips with a world of seemingly unending crises and tension, getting to grips with the doctrine and ideology of imperialism is non-negotiable.

    Thus we have the Imperialism on Trial UK tour, beginning with two dates in London on July 10 and 11, before heading to Birmingham on July 12, then Liverpool on July 15, wrapping up in Liverpool on July 16.

    Among the speakers appearing are George Galloway, Eva Bartlett, Peter Kuznick, Neil Clark and Peter Ford; some of the most important thinkers, activists and writers whose work has earned them wide acclaim and respect internationally, while also inviting the scorn of the mainstream — or as James Connolly memorably described them — "The inkslingers of the jingo press".

    Imperialism in its broadest sense is the ideology and doctrine of domination, responsible throughout history and still today for human suffering, despair, carnage and dislocation on a monumental scale.

    But just as imperialism has run like an unbroken thread throughout history, so has resistance to it, and it is in this spirit that the Imperialism on Trial UK tour will be taking an unflinching and unapologetic stand in solidarity with its victims and against its champions.

    Joining us on this episode former UK ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, helps us get to the roots of imperialism in all its particulars in our time. Further details of the tour can be found at the Imperialism on Trial Facebook page — while

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