13:47 GMT16 May 2021
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    Navigating The Rapids Of A Neocon Upside Down World

    Hard Facts
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    On this week's show John Wight discusses the dangers of being a dissenting voice in a time when it is needed more than ever. Joining him is writer Neil Clark.

    Dissenting governments abroad and dissenting voices at home are under unprecedented attack, depicted as the enemy within and the enemy without.

    It reflects the desperation of an Empire that has been pitched into decline — ideologically and politically — thrashing around in the attempt to arrest said decline, yet only succeeding in deepening it.

    Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Russia, and China are deemed states beyond the pale by Washington and its ideological foot-soldiers in the mainstream media, subjected to the most withering demonization and attack. Meanwhile, those Western voices that dare resist this demonization, people with long records of opposing regime change wars and imperialism, are likewise attacked.

    It confirms that the world has reached an historical fork in the road. It can either continue on the path to perdition under the suzerainty of neocon nostrums and values. Or it can change course and embark on the road to destination hope, measured in the absence of hegemony, might is right and exceptionalism.

    Writer and broadcaster Neil Clark, no stranger to the consequences of dissent, joins Hard Facts to share his analysis of where the world is headed and why dissent has never more more important or necessary than now.

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