13:51 GMT +312 November 2019
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    Hard Facts

    Who's the Enemy? Russia or Those Telling You It's Russia?

    Hard Facts
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    Journalist and author Neil Clark joins John to explore the contours of the campaign designed to paint Russia as a state bent on world domination, and its media outlets as the enemy within. What are its wider geopolitical aims? Who is behind it? And whose interests does it really serve?

    The ongoing campaign of demonization being waged against Russia and Russian media is now off the scale. When Moscow isn't being blamed for the election of Donald Trump as US President in 2016, it is being blamed for Brexit, accused of interfering in the 2017 French and German elections, accused of being involved in the Spanish constitutional crisis when it comes to Catalan independence, and also of fanning the flames of support for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

    RT and Sputnik International, rather than legitimate state funded news channels, like the BBC, France24 or any other Western news organization, are consistently depicted in the West as propaganda operations, their remit not to report, analyze or present breaking and continuing news stories — the same as the aforementioned BBC and France24 — but instead to destabilize and disrupt governments and politics as usual in the West.

    To any right thinking person, such claims you would think would be roundly dismissed as ludicrous. However the intensification of this campaign of late confirms that for self-appointed guardians of ideological and moral virtue in the West, it is a case of Cathargo Delenda Est (Carthage must be destroyed) where Russia is concerned.

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