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    Hard Facts

    The End of the CIA's Dirty War in Syria

    Hard Facts
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    John Wight
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    John Wight is joined by CIA veteran turned political activist, Ray McGovern, to dissect and analyze the CIA's covert role in Syria, and how it fits into the labyrinthine pattern of alliances and relationships in a part of the world where the struggle for the right to shape the future continues to rage.

    The announcement by Washington that the CIA is ending 4 year program of support for 'moderate rebels' in Syria brings the curtain down on another ignoble chapter in the sordid history of an intelligence service whose deeds since the Second World War have regularly conformed to those of a terrorist organization.

    Begun in 2013, this program was established to arm and fund and train elements of an insurgency dominated by a latter day Khmer Rouge, intent on implementing its very own Year Zero on a multi-religious, multi-ethnic, and multicultural society. The entire premise of such a program, the idea that there existed in Syria a third force made up of Jeffersonian democrats, was false from the very beginning. Moreover, when we learn that the CIA's program was funded to the tune of $1billion in US tax dollars, it forces us to question the sanity of those responsible for the strategy behind it.

    Meanwhile, Western media coverage of the end of the CIA program stood out for the fact there was no mention anywhere of the flagrant and clear violation of international law it had involved. It confirms that in the eyes of the US, concepts such as international law and national sovereignty do not apply. It also confirms that moral and political bankruptcy of Washington's role in a conflict its actions have only helped to prolong unnecessarily.

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