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    Hard Facts

    UK Election Result - The Corbyn Factor

    Hard Facts
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    John Wight

    This week John Wight is joined by former Scottish Socialist Party leader Tommy Sheridan, to discuss last week's UK election result and the present political chaos resulting from it. They look at the rise of Jeremy Corbyn and the role of the media, particularly social media, in this past election campaign.

    The UK general election on June 8 sent shockwaves to the heart of a British political and media establishment that has spent the last two years demonizing, smearing, and attacking Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, with near unprecedented intensity. Yet despite the smear campaign they unleashed, a man once depicted as inept, feckless and incompetent waged a campaign for Prime Minister that will go down in history as one of the most inspired in the country's history.

    Though he may have lost the election in literal terms, it was undoubtedly a moral and personal victory for Corbyn, who led his party to the largest share of the vote Labour has won in an election since 1945. As such the political momentum has undoubtedly shifted over to the party's leader in advance of what most commentators believe will be another general election sometime in the months ahead.

    However it would be a mistake to treat the political crisis that has engulfed the UK in isolation. It comes as part of an overarching political crisis to engulf Europe and the United States in recent years, which taken together are symptoms of a broken neoliberal economic model. In the wake of the 2007/2008 global economic crash the political centre ground has collapsed, opening up space increasingly being contested by the ideologically-driven left and right for the right to shape the future.

    On this episode of Hard Facts John is joined by Tommy Sheridan to discuss the result of the UK general election and its attendant fallout.

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