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    Corbyn Launches War on Dickensian Tory Britain

    Hard Facts
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    John Wight

    The UK Labour Party's election manifesto, launched in advance of the country's upcoming general election on June 8, is the most transformative and radical program for government in British politics in a generation. This week John discusses the detail and significance of Corbyn's proposals with political commentator Marcus Papadopoulos.

    Pledging to reverse decades in which successive governments, Labour and Conservative, have worshiped at the altar of the free market, Corbyn is advocating the kind of state intervention in the economy that has long been synonymous with the past.

    Yet surveying the wreckage of years of Tory-imposed austerity on the British people — evidenced in the spread and normalization of food banks, a spike in poverty, homelessness, and the driving down of pay and conditions for millions of British workers — if anything Corbyn's vision involves not in dragging Britain back to the 1970s, as his detractors claim, but on lifting it out of the 1870s, where it has been plunged over the past two terms of Tory government.

    On this episode of Hard Facts, John discusses Labour's manifesto, Corbyn's prospects, and the state of Tory Britain with Marcus Papadopoulos.

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