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    Hard Facts

    Tony Blair, Brexit and the Collapse of Neoliberalism

    Hard Facts
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    This week John Wight is joined by former MSP Colin Fox to discuss Tony Blair's recent speech calling for the British people to rise up against Brexit. They discuss Blair's legacy and what influence he can possibly have after his controversial role in the Iraq war.

    Tony Blair's reappearance on the political stage, urging the British people to rise up against Brexit, has reignited controversy over his role as co-author of the war in Iraq in 2003, along with George W Bush. The former British prime minister and leader of the Labour Party is for many emblematic of the failed neoliberal policies that paved the way for Brexit, sowing and cultivating the detestation of the political class that became prevalent throughout large swathes of the UK.

    But does Blair have a point in urging the British people to rise up in opposition to Brexit? After all, there is no doubting the fact that Brexit has engulfed the UK in the most profound political crisis it has experienced in decades, with many economists predicting that an equally grievous economic crisis will follow when the UK finally does depart the EU and single market. And what of Jeremy Corbyn? What does Blair's intervention in the Brexit debate say about his leadership of the Labour Party today?

    To discuss these issues, John is joined by Colin Fox, convener of the Scottish Socialist Party, to discuss Blair, Brexit, and the collapse of neoliberalism.

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