06:12 GMT04 July 2020
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    Is Scottish Independence Now Inevitable After Brexit?

    Hard Facts
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    What now for Scotland after Brexit? What is the likelihood of it remaining in the EU after the UK exits? John Wight interviews Paul Monaghan MP to get some answers...

    The political crisis that has engulfed the UK as a result of Brexit shows no sign of ending soon. It has thrown open again the question of Scottish independence, supporters of which rightly point to the democratic deficit of an EU referendum during which the majority of people in Scotland voted to remain. That they now face the prospect of being forced to leave the EU against their will is a state of affairs that flies in the face of democracy. In conjunction with a British government that is determined to be intransigent when it comes to the right of the UK's constituent nations to have a say in what Brexit will look like — i.e. whether a compromise can be agreed that allows Scotland to maintain its membership of a single market that is crucial to the Scottish economy — a second referendum on Scottish independence now looms large.

    In this episode of Hard Facts, John is joined by the Scottish National Party's Paul Monaghan MP to discuss the escalating political crisis as a result of Brexit, and the prospects for Scottish independence it has ushered in.

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