20:25 GMT12 April 2021
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    Aleppo Liberated: What Now for Syria?

    Hard Facts
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    How was it that 4000 Daesh terrorists managed to cross thousands of miles of Syrian desert to re-take Palmyra completely unnoticed by US surveillance? John Wight discusses this, and the recent liberation of Aleppo with former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford.

    With the liberation of Aleppo, what's next for Syria and its people? As Daesh mounts a comeback in Palmyra, the terrorist threat remains far from over. Obama's decision to lift restrictions on arming Syrian opposition groups, only strengthens the consternation of Russia and those among us who take a skeptical view of US actions and policy in the region as a whole. Furthermore, what will Trump's leadership mean for western policy in Syria in 2017?

    On this week's episode of Hard Facts, John discusses these issues and more with former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford.

    Hard Facts is aired every Wednesday. You can listen to other episodes here.

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