20:23 GMT05 August 2021
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    All-Out Retreat in Afghanistan as Taliban Surges

    Fault Lines
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    On this episode of Fault Lines, hosts Jamarl Thomas and Shane Stranahan talked with guests and callers about UAPs, the fate of Afghanistan and the political ambitions of the Taliban*, and the active infighting ongoing in the alternative left media space.


    Cordell Woodland - Sputnik News Producer | Sha'Carri Richardson Banned from 2021 Olympics

    Mark Sleboda - International Relations and Security Analyst | Afghanistan and the Taliban

    Lauren Steiner - Grassroots Activist and Organizer | Alternative Left Infighting -- or Cleaning House?

    In our first hour, we read between the lines of the UAP/UFO report released Friday before last, discussing why this report came now and talking about the logic of action underlying these disclosures.

    In our second hour, we were joined by Mark Sleboda to talk about what kind of state the Taliban will form if (or when) they take control of enough territory to formally dethrone the current government of Afghanistan.

    In our third hour, we were joined by Lauren Steiner to talk about the ongoing infighting between lefties on YouTube and Twitter, debating what's at play and measuring what's at stake.

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    *Taliban is a terrorist group banned in Russia.

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